This app will help you study Handstands and many other moves by showing them to you with high resolution animations (which you can control).
Shown acrobatics, gymnastics, break dancing and other technical and power moves.


* HD graphics optimized for iPhone 4 “Retina” display as well as iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad.
* Large built-in library of Handstands, Moves and Transitions (no internet connection required)
* Control animation for every move (freeze, continue playing, go back/forward)
* Read info about every move

Moves list:

* Bridge
⁃Using head
⁃Simple bridge
⁃One leg up
⁃One hand up
⁃Lying to bridge
⁃Hand and leg up
⁃Headstand to bridge
⁃Handstand to bridge
⁃Standing to bridge
⁃Rotating sideways

* Turtle Stand
⁃With two hands
⁃With one hand
⁃Spinning turtle
⁃Hand switch

* Using Wall
⁃Both legs up
⁃One leg up
⁃One hand
⁃Face in
⁃One hand, face in
⁃Headstand with hands
⁃Handstand with head
⁃Hollowed back
⁃Headstand, no hands
⁃Press from headstand

* Headstand
⁃Knees on elbows
⁃Legs straddled
⁃With one hand
⁃Head balance

* Assistance (with partner)
⁃Simple handstand
⁃Arm between legs
⁃Assistance with a knee
⁃Starting a cartwheel

* Handstand
⁃Frog freeze
⁃Simple handstand
⁃Air baby, one hand
⁃Air baby, two hands
⁃Hollowed back
⁃Hollowed back with head
⁃Hollowed back, leg up
⁃Side freeze, two legs straight
⁃Side freeze, one leg bent, one leg straight
⁃Starting a cartwheel

* Jumping to Handstand
⁃From handspring
⁃Jump sideways
⁃Hopping on two hands
⁃Scissors hops
⁃One hand hops
⁃Hops holding leg
⁃Scissors, one hand hops

* Simple Freezes to Handstand
⁃From headstand
⁃From frog freeze
⁃From turtle freeze
From elbowstand

* Transitions
⁃Kick to handstand
⁃Kick from both legs to handstand
⁃Press from lotus
⁃Press from caterpillar
⁃Press with legs straight
⁃Press with legs straddled
⁃From air baby
⁃Rolling back to handstand

* Hand balancing
⁃One leg bent
⁃Legs straight
⁃Legs straddled