Free Run

This app will help you study Freerunning tricks by showing them to you with high resolution animations (which you can control).

* HD graphics optimized for iPhone 4 “Retina” display as well as iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad.
* Large built-in library of Free Run and Parkour movements (no internet connection required)
* Control animation for every move (freeze, continue playing, go back/forward)
* Flip icon helps you to see the movement in different direction

* Wall
⁃1 step front flip
⁃2 steps front flip
⁃1 step back flip
⁃2 steps back flip
⁃Protracted back flip
⁃Back flip half twist
⁃Back flip full twist
⁃2 steps layout
⁃Side flip with hand
⁃Side flip
⁃2 steps monkey
⁃Cork double leg
⁃Rivet flip
⁃Wall tricks
⁃Wall run
⁃Wall spin

* Heights
⁃Front flip
⁃Front flip kick
⁃Front flip half twist
⁃Inwards front flip
⁃Back flip
⁃Back flip half twist
⁃Protracted back flip
⁃Layout full twist
⁃Arabian flip
⁃Arabian flip inwards
⁃Side flip
⁃Protracted side flip
⁃Gainer twist
⁃Protracted gainer
⁃Dash twist
⁃High roll

* Wall bars
⁃Arabian flip
⁃Back flip
⁃Side flip
⁃Back monkey
⁃Front flip

* High bar
⁃Swing, front flip pushing
⁃Back flip
⁃Back flip pushing
⁃Side flip
⁃Front turns swinging

* Over obstacle
⁃Front flip with step
⁃Front flip both legs step
⁃Front flip jump over
⁃Front flip with hands jump over
⁃Arabian flip with hand
⁃Arabian flip with step
⁃Jump over arabian
⁃Side flip jump over
⁃Double leg jump over
⁃Double monkey
⁃Jump over
⁃Round off handspring