We are an independent digital design studio. Since the beginning we’ve created over 60 apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

We provide video and photo services.

Our partners are:

  • World-Class Athletes and Artists, such as Taky Kimura (Bruce Lee’s best friend and highest-ranked student),
  • Massive Monkees, Rockstedy Crew (Bboy World Champions),
  • Vahtang (Beatbox Vice World Champion),
  • Street Union (Leading Russian Association of Extreme Sports),
  • Mestre Xuxo (World’s best Capoeirista from Codao de Ouro Capoeira group),
  • Vadim Tokaev (Military World Freestyle Wrestling Champion, Champion of the Asian Cup),
  • Yura Verhovnikov (Eastern Europe Stuntriding Champion, Red Bull team) and others.