Aikido App


This app teaches all the Aikido principles for basic and advanced users, covering cover all subjects from Aikido traditions, basics, techniques to weapons. Sensei shows how to use Aikido in real-life situations (fighting, combat, knife attack and more). Follow the exercises of this app to understand the basics of Aikido Martial Art and to become more focused.

* Large library of Aikido movements, throws, counter-attacks presented in HD videos
* Add any part to favorites for fast access in the favorite menu
* You can tap the “Mirror” button to learn and execute the movement starting from left and right sides.
Here is full list of the app’s content:
Unbalance Technique (kosa dori ikkyō)
History of the technique
Principle of unbalancing the opponent

Heaven-and-earth throw (tenchi nage)
Forearm return (小 手返し kotegaeshi)
Theory of the throw
Forearm return throw
Entering throw (入 身投げ iriminage)

Awase Principle
Kosa dori nikkyo
History of the technique

From holding and pushing (片手 katate-dori nikkyo)
History of the technique< Katate-dori nikkyo Closeup Chest grab (胸 取り mune-dori or muna-dori) Origin of the technique Technique Third teaching (三 教 sankyō) Upper-level thrust, facepunch (上段突き jōdan-tsuki) Closeup Fifth teaching (五 教 gokyō) Knife attack Closeup Sixth teaching (肘 極め 押さえ hiji kime osae) Technique Jodan Tsuki Henko (facepunch) Jodan Tsuki (facepunch) technique How to execute the lock The lock closeup Both-hands grab (諸 手取り morote-dori) Technique Rotary throw (回転 投げ kaitennage) Technique Maai and Tai Sabaki Mai-ai - harmony distance Four-direction throw (四方 投げ shihōnage) Basics of the throw 1 Basics of the throw 2 Four- directions throw execution (四方 投げ shihōnage) Real-life attacks Side-of-the-head strike (横面打ち yokomen'uchi) A diagonal knifehand strike to the side of the head or neck Kokyu Ryoku The power of breathing Seated breathing method (座技呼吸法 Suwariwaza kokyūhō) Basic Movements Transitions Suri ashi Aumi-ashi Tenshin Tenkan Irimi tenkan Rolls Understanding of rolls Ushiro ukemi - Back breakfalls Yoko-ukemi - side roll< Ushiro Kaiten Ukemi< Mae mawari ukemi - forward roll Balance exercises