Awareness diary

This app is a part of an international training course "Karmic Management" by Lamara and Igor Zhabin.

It helps you to stay focused on your tasks during the day.

✓ Translated to 8 languages

✓ Native iOS and Android code

✓ Take audio notes

✓ Color coding of the content

✓ Push-notifications

✓ Wide user usage statistics✓ Social sharing functions

Aikido App


This app teaches all the Aikido principles for basic and advanced users, covering cover all subjects from Aikido traditions, basics, techniques to weapons. Sensei shows how to use Aikido in real-life situations (fighting, combat, knife attack and more). Follow the exercises of this app to understand the basics of Aikido Martial Art and to become more focused.

* Large library of Aikido movements, throws, counter-attacks presented in HD videos
* Add any part to favorites for fast access in the favorite menu
* You can tap the "Mirror" button to learn and execute the movement starting from left and right sides.
Here is full list of the app's content:
Unbalance Technique (kosa dori ikkyō)
History of the technique
Principle of unbalancing the opponent

Heaven-and-earth throw (tenchi nage)
Forearm return (小 手返し kotegaeshi)
Theory of the throw
Forearm return throw
Entering throw (入 身投げ iriminage)

Awase Principle
Kosa dori nikkyo
History of the technique

From holding and pushing (片手 katate-dori nikkyo)
History of the technique< Katate-dori nikkyo Closeup Chest grab (胸 取り mune-dori or muna-dori) Origin of the technique Technique Third teaching (三 教 sankyō) Upper-level thrust, facepunch (上段突き jōdan-tsuki) Closeup Fifth teaching (五 教 gokyō) Knife attack Closeup Sixth teaching (肘 極め 押さえ hiji kime osae) Technique Jodan Tsuki Henko (facepunch) Jodan Tsuki (facepunch) technique How to execute the lock The lock closeup Both-hands grab (諸 手取り morote-dori) Technique Rotary throw (回転 投げ kaitennage) Technique Maai and Tai Sabaki Mai-ai - harmony distance Four-direction throw (四方 投げ shihōnage) Basics of the throw 1 Basics of the throw 2 Four- directions throw execution (四方 投げ shihōnage) Real-life attacks Side-of-the-head strike (横面打ち yokomen'uchi) A diagonal knifehand strike to the side of the head or neck Kokyu Ryoku The power of breathing Seated breathing method (座技呼吸法 Suwariwaza kokyūhō) Basic Movements Transitions Suri ashi Aumi-ashi Tenshin Tenkan Irimi tenkan Rolls Understanding of rolls Ushiro ukemi - Back breakfalls Yoko-ukemi - side roll< Ushiro Kaiten Ukemi< Mae mawari ukemi - forward roll Balance exercises

How to Kiss

This app is for adults; no kids allowed.

Man up and conquer the fear of rejection.

How to Kiss app is the 1st app that teaches men the right and wrong ways to kiss women, using proven data from hundreds of surveys.

Learn step-by-step kissing techniques that will make you a powerful kisser and keep the ladies coming back for more!


• High definition, step-by-step video coaching
• 65 detailed visual examples of kissing techniques
• 7 basic fundamentals of a good kiss
• 5 killer ways to initiate a kiss & how to know when your partner is interested
• Proven rejection-proof methods of kissing
• 11 advanced techniques for the active kisser
• Tools to develop the reputation of a ‘great kisser’
• 14 Do's & Don'ts
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Mestre Xuxo Enjoy Yourself

Available on Amazon as an Documentary film and as an App on Appstore:
Mestre Xuxo ("Mestre" means "Master") is the world-known Master of Capoeira (Brazilian martial art). Every year Mestre Xuxo has "Enjoy Yourself" event, where he invites capoeiristas of all levels and groups to Lins, Austria.
This App will share Mestre Xuxo's view of capoeira by showing you best Capoeira Masters games, interviews, acrobatics, action and fighting scenes with art cinematography view.

Ful version features:
* Free Part of the "Enjoy Yourself" Capoeira documentary movie
* HD graphics optimized for Retina Display
* Built-in English Subtitles for English and Brazilian speech
* Interviews with world-known Capoeira Masters (Mestre Xuxo, Mestre Gil, Mestre Camaleao, Contra-Mestre Primo, Mestre Irineu
* Mestre Xuxo's first-person game with Mestre Gil
* Famous Capoeira games from the top


Front Flip - interactive Acrobatics


This app is the best and the easiest way to learn Front Somersault:
* you watch the Multi-Angle interractive lessons (you can can switch video angles (side/front/top) wile watching;
* learn the right acrobatic techniques - how to spin, how to make the right sit-ups, excercises with partner and others;
* record your self and track your results
* follow FAQ's, get the results and share you progress!

"Great for beginners and for experienced acrobats!"
-Artem Urin, Russian Acrobatics Trainer

- record yourself practicing every sound to see your progress
- share your progress via Facebook
- add lessons to "favorites" for quick access - design your own training routine!
- large library of exercises and FAQ's about tumbling
- progressive lessons - from Beginners to Inremediate and Advanced levels
- no internet connection needed
- optimized for Retina display with high-resolution graphics
- transmit the app content with with AirPlay connection


Learn, Train and Explore with this App - an Interactive Library of Acrobatic and Gymnastic elements.
You can Control the speed of the element in HD with our Frame-by-Frame engine.
You get a Video Journal for every move
to track your progress shooting your experience video.
Create your drill adding the tricks lesson to Favorites.

* Large built-in library of Acrobatic movements (no internet connection required)
* Control animation for every move (freeze, continue playing, go back/forward)
* Flip icon helps you to see the movement in different direction
* HD graphics optimized for iPhone “Retina” display as well as iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad.
* Create your drill with Favorites feature

* Basics
⁃Handstand forward roll
⁃Back roll to handstand
⁃Cartwheel back and forth
⁃Back overturn
⁃Handstand flip
⁃Round off
⁃Back handspring

* Back flip
⁃Standing back flip (side view)
⁃Standing back flip (front view)
⁃Back flip half twist
⁃Round off tuck
⁃Back handspring backflip
⁃Round off back flip curved
⁃Round off back flip full twist
⁃Round off handspring open backflip
⁃Round off handspring back flip 720
⁃Back handspring back flip 360
⁃Round off handspring double backflip

* Front fliip
⁃Step, front flip
⁃Front flip curved
⁃Front flip half twist

* Layout
⁃Round off layout
⁃Round off back handspring layout
⁃Back handspring layout
⁃Round off handspring layout twist
⁃Round off handspring layout straddled

Beautiful Capoeira: Mestre Xuxo Edition

"Capoeira is more then just a dance and a martial art. Capoeira is philosophy of life. Enjoy yourself." - Mestre Xuxo (Wilian da Silva Sampaio)

Mestre Xuxo shows ways he trained his own style and lots of capoeira movements.

Beautiful Capoeira


Capoeira is Beautiful! Its a martial art, its also a game, its also a dance, its music, rhythm … and a way of moving through Life and interacting with people. Capoeira became a huge part of my Life! I really made this app for me. I made it to help me learn movements and floreios … and it helped me tremendously. In order to make this app I've traveled the world and got connected with teachers I really wanted to learn form. I think you'll like this app and I am sure it will help you improve as well. Axe :)

This app will teach you Capoeira floreios, movements, escapes, kicks, combos, and injury prevention exercises by presenting them as high-resolution frame by frame animations.


- HD graphics optimized for iPhone “Retina” display
- large library of Capoeira movements, escapes, kicks, stretches, floreios
- control animation for every move: "flip it" and learn it the other direction, pause, continue playing, go back / forward
- Save moves to “favorites” screen (for quick access so you can practice them)
- Read info about every move



Capoeira Atabaque

Capoeira Atabaque is a comprehensive interactive guide for learning how to play Atabaque. It is presented in a friendly format great for both novice and advanced players.

* Intro
- Introduction
- What is a Atabaque

- How to place Atabaque
- How to keep Atabaque in good shape
- If the sound is not good
- If you have calluses

* How to make sounds
- Beat 1
- Beat 2
- Using second hand

* Rhythms
- Classic capoeira rhythm
- Non-traditional capoeira rhythm
- Barravento
- Afro rhythm
- African afro rhythm
- Maculele
- Maculele 2
- Samba
- Samba 2

* Improvisations
- Capoeira rhythm
- Capoeira rhythm 2
- Angola
- Barravento
- Maculele
- Samba

* Large library of capoeira toques and improvisations
* Video lessons and FAQs (no internet connection needed)
* HD graphics optimized for iPhone 4 “Retina” display


Capoeira Berimbau

Capoeira Berimbau is a comprehensive interactive guide for learning how to play Berimbau. It is presented in a friendly format great for both novice and advanced players.

* Intro
- Introduction
- What is a Berimbau

- How to string a Berimbau with a knee
- How to string a Berimbau with a thigh
- How to hold a Berimbau
- How to place Cabaça and check sound
- How to strike a string
- How to untie a Berimbau
- If your pinky hurts
- Illustration of toques

* How to make sounds
- Low tone
- High tone
- Buzz note

* How to play rhythms
- How to play Angola
- How to play Benguela
- How to play Sao Bento

* Rhythms
- Angola
- Angola 2
- Sao Bento Pequeno
- Sao Bento Grande de Angola
- Sao Bento de Mestre Bimba
- Benguela
- Santa Maria
- Santa Maria 2
- Iuna
- Cavalaria
- Cavalaria 2
- Samango
- Idalina
- Jogo de Dentro
- Samba de Roda
- Miudinho

* Improvisations
- Angola
- Sao Bento Grande de Angola
- Benguela
- Santa Maria
- Iuna
- Cavalaria
- Samba de Roda
- Jogo de Dentro
- Miudinho

* Large library of capoeira toques and improvisations
* Video lessons and FAQs (no internet connection needed)
* HD graphics optimized for iPhone 4 “Retina” display