Bboy Step by Step: Windmills 3SF by Bboy Jeromeskee

Let's be direct and straight forward, the Breakdance move called the "Windmills" can be challenging and complicated. Your wrist can get sore and you may receive some bumps and bruises.

Here's the good news!

Discover the windmills in 3 simple steps, safe and fast!

Special methods, secrets and concepts have been created in a new formula called the “Windmills 3SF.” It's a simple and easy to understand process to conquer the Windmills with no experience.

What took months and years to learn, you now have the power to learn it in weeks. A world-class coach and b-boy named Jeromeskee created the Windmills 3SF formula. With over 14 years of break dance experience, 7 world titles, countless appearances on national TV shows and over 2,000 students worldwide – Jerome’ s track record and teaching methods are proven and validated globally.

* HD graphics that utilizes "Retina" display, optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.
* Audio coaching for all exercises and drills.
* "Flip" tab, option to learn all exercises and steps, left handed or right handed point of
* "Movement Bar" control animation for every move (freeze, play mode action, go back/forward)
* Introduction video, 3 core philosophies/secrets on the windmills
* 8 different detailed exercises to conquer the 3SF concept
* 3 powerful steps to the windmills ("3 step formula")
* Top 5 frequent ask questions and solutions (windmill flow, legs collapsing, hip bruises, pushing and starting, shoulder injuries)
* "Info" tab, where you can read step by step instructions about each move
* Simple and easy to follow app!

“Jeromeskee breaks the windmill down so clean that he makes one of the most difficult moves in breakin' a walk in the park. I wish I had this 'Windmills 3SF' app. 29 years ago. It would've saved me from allot of bumps and bruises.”
--Fever One, Rock Steady

“Windmills 3SF is not only an effective tool to safely cut your windmill learning curve in half, it's also an extremely inexpensive way to access the philosophies of one of the world's most accomplished dance instructors.”
--Joe Stolte, Massive Monkees Crew

“I love how simple this app is to use. The menu is a cinch to navigate. The tutorials, demos, and exercises are simple and effective! On top of that, the tutorials can be switched from right handed to left handed! Definitely helped me improve my windmills.”
--Justin Law

Save yourself from wasted time, injuries, and endless frustrations. Download the Windmills 3SF today!

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