Bykov house

This project makes us really proud about ourselves. List of work done on this project by us:
  • developed a logo and the entire identity of the restoration project
  • came up with the project naming
  • handled the development of the architectural concept of the third building
  • performed 3D-modeling and architectural 3D-visualization of the building facades and its lobby

A project of thoughtful restoration of the Moscow Art Nouveau monument and new 7-story construction with underground parking.

The Bykov Club House style is an example of intelligent restraint and architectural harmony. For a beautiful, in every sense, life in the Club House offers 36 luxury apartments (a total of 12 apartments in each building). The Bykov Club House takes on a new look in vibrant Moscow, while retaining its unique historical aura.


Our company carefully handcrafted the 3d interior of the lobby.


Plans to 3d-visualization

The customer provided us only the PDFs with all the plans of the project. There was no digital version of the plans, so we had to create the model from scratch.


We’ve built the 3d-model of the building (exterior and interior) and created digital version surrounding Moscow streets for investor’s presentation.

Naming and identity development
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