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Learn 58 tricks performed by pro-kendamer!
Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy which consists of a wooden, hammer-like object with a ball connected to it by a string. This app teaches you how to play Kendama and perform amazing tricks!

* HD graphics optimized for Retina display
* Large library of 58 tricks broken down by 6 chapters (by grips and combos) with animations
* Each trick has a Japanese translation
* Control animation and learn the precise movement (freeze, continue playing, go back/forward)
* Add moves to “favorites” (for quick access)
* Difficulty of progressions

Tricks list:
* Ken
⁃Amane Hazime – Plate body, 皿胴一周
⁃Uchu-ishu – Around Space, 宇宙一周
⁃Amane Hazime Europe – Around Europe, ヨーロッパ一周
⁃Ken-ishu – Around Prefecture, 県一周
⁃Sekai-ishu – Around the World, 世界一周
⁃Uguisu – Bird, うぐいす
⁃Uguisu-no-Taniwatari – Bird over the Valley, うぐいすの谷渡り
⁃Chuzara – Center Cup, 中皿
⁃Daburu Tome-ken – Clockwise Pull up in, 時計回りとめけん
⁃Kokkuri – Cup Bird, こっくりさん
⁃Chikyu-Mawashi – Earth Turn, 地球まわし
⁃Chikyu-Mawashi – Double Earth Turn, ダブル地球まわし
⁃Furi-ken – Swing in, ふりけん
⁃Furi-ken Uguisu – Swing in Bird, ふりけんうぐいす
⁃Ōzara Janpu – Jump Platter, 大皿ジャンプ
⁃Kozara – Small Cup, 小皿
⁃Ozara – Big Cup, 小皿
⁃Gyaku chikyū Tān – Reverse Earth Turn, 逆地球ターン
⁃Furiken Gyaku – Reverse Swing in, 逆ふりけん
⁃Kendama wa, supin hanten – Reverse Kendama Spin, けん玉は、スピン反転
⁃Ken-saki-suberi – Slip on Stick, けん先すべり
⁃Ken-saki-suberi Gyaku – Reverse Slip on Stick, 逆けん先すべり
⁃Chuzara o Suitchi – Switch to Center Cup, スイッチ中皿
⁃Tome-ken – Pull up in, とめけん
⁃Daburu Kendama Supin – Double Kendama Spin, ダブルけん玉スピン

* Sara
⁃Chuzara – Center Cup, 中皿
⁃Saka-otoshi – Falling, さか落とし
⁃Ōzara Janpu – Jump platter, 大皿ジャンプ
⁃Kozara – Small Cup, 小皿
⁃Moshimoshi kame – Hello, turtle, もしもしカメ
⁃Ozara – Big Cup, 小皿
⁃Tome-ken – Pull up in, とめけん
⁃Makitsuku – Clockwise Tomeken, 時計に引き上げ

* Rosocu
⁃Rosoku – Candle, ろうそく
⁃Kozara – Small Cup, 小皿
⁃Male Slip – Male slip, おすべり
⁃Ozara – Big Cup, 小皿

* Tama
⁃Hikoki – Air Plane, 飛行機
⁃Saka-otoshi – Falling, さか落とし
⁃Hayate chūkan purēto – Hayate middle plate, はやて中皿
⁃Hane-Ken – Jumping Stick, はねけん
⁃Tōdai – Lighthouse, 灯台
⁃Modori-chi no tōdai – Return Lighthouse, 戻り値の灯台
⁃Tōdai tān – Lighthouse Turn, 灯台ターン
⁃Ichi tān hikōki – One-Turn Airplane, 一ターン飛行機
⁃Wantān tōdai – One-Turn Lighthouse, ワンターン灯台
⁃Gyaku ni sutikkujanpu – Reverse Jumping Stick, 逆にスティックジャンプ
⁃Tome-ken – Pull up in, とめけん
⁃Suihei Kendama Supin – Horizontal Kendama Spin, 水平剣玉スピン

* Hanging
⁃Saka-otoshi – Falling, さか落とし
⁃Tome-ken – Hanging Pull up in, つるしとめけん

* Specials
⁃Kairo – Circuit, 回路
⁃Nai Monkībijinesu – No Monkey Business, ないモンキービジネス
⁃Kidō Kakumei – Orbital Revolution, 軌道革命
⁃Retorona Akushon – Retro Action, レトロなアクション
⁃Baransu o Katamukeru – Tilt the Balance, バランスを傾ける
⁃Makitsuku – Twist Around, 巻き付く